THE OOZE! IT SPREADS! We have a surprise double-feature this time because we accidentally beat our planned episode of Streets of Rogue too quickly. It turns out the apes that run this podcast ooked too hard for the new mayoral election and won in a landslide. So to balance out the podcast, we’re also talking about Devolver Digital’s surprise roguelike hit Loop Hero! Join us to hear about drug-hunting robots, zombie apocalypses, and the heat death of the universe. Brother may I have some more loops?

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  • 1:44 - Streets of Rogue game stats
  • 2:31 - one sentence summary
  • 24:10 - Loop Hero game stats
  • 25:23 - one sentence summary
  • 57:47 - rankings and final thoughts

Next episode: Griftlands

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Intro music: Harlem Nocturne - Corelli Jazz Orchestra

Outro music: Craig Barnes - Slum Scrum