Snake eyes! Because we forgot to do our homework this week, we are gambling away our fortunes to pay our rent with Luck Be A Landlord! Come spin some slots in a cutesy veneer of a capitalist hellscape. We needed some more time to review CDDA so stay tuned in an upcoming episode, but we did conduct an interesting set of dev interviews that you can check out here. In the meantime, get your crabs in a row, your gem golems lined up, and anchors in the corners for our spiciest take on apartment rent yet!

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  • 0:51 - CDDA episode update
  • 2:45 - game stats
  • 3:47 - one sentence description
  • 13:11 - our story begins
  • 48:18 - rankings and final thoughts

Next episode: Surprise listener request episode! It’s a secret!

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Intro music: Elvin Jones - Lady Luck

Outro music: Vincent Colavita - Big Man Zaroff