Ymg’ ah ain’ghft eldritch n’ghftdrn ai! This week the podcast dials back the clock to one of the earliest roguelike games released on Steam: Eldritch! You remember Minecraft, right? Ever thought to yourself: “What if it had a bunch of tentacle monsters and guns?” Well have we got the game for you! Tune in as we confusingly bumble our way around a library looking for a good book to escape into, literally. All the while trying to frantically run away from gloopy, wet fish-men looking to mess you up in traditional H.P. Lovecraft fashion.

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  • 2:25 - game stats
  • 4:18 - one sentence description
  • 10:10 - our story begins
  • 47:23 - rankings and final thoughts
  • 54:57 - similar games

Next episode: One Way Heroics

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Intro music: Eric Verlinde - Are You Free

Outro music: Eldritch OST - Mountains of Madness