Roguelikes: a genre of videogames. These are the episodes of the Going ROgue Gaming PODcast (GROGPOD). It’s contuining mission: to explore strange, obscure games. To seek out new ideas and new game developers. To boldly review what no one has reviewed before.

We started the GROGPOD because we like roguelike games and like complaining about them. Inspired by other podcasts like Ultra64, Roguelike Radio, and Ascension Run, we thought to bring a new podcast to the genre we love to play. Once every two weeks, we use our combined knowledge of data science, DnD, and general madness to give our thoughts on what we think about roguelikes and try to rank the best ones.


Scott Burger - author of “Intro to Machine Learning with R”, head of engineering analytics. Personal blog.

Will Wright - Jazz and darts enthusiast, data scientist. Developing a roguelike deckbuilder.

Colin Smith - DnD dungeon master, mechanical design engineer.

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