It’s the holiday season (backup singers: the holiday season) and the GROGPOD is coming ‘round for a special winter break episode! We’ve been asked by listeners for a while to do a developer interview so who better to bring on the program than amazing solo dev Huw Milward of previous episode Warsim: The Realm of Aslona!

We kick off the first hour of the program with Huw, Will, and I chatting by the fireplace with our ‘nog (grog?) in hand about topics like inspiration, marketing strategy, and of course ChatGPT. Join us after the interview for some listener letters too!

Find Warsim on Steam here

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  • 2:20 - Interview with Huw Millward, solo dev of Warsim: The Realm of Aslona
  • 6:25 - Warsim dev history and future
  • 10:45 - How to stay inspired and creative?
  • 13:00 - How to build an indie game community?
  • 16:39 - Windows CMD design and spaghetti code
  • 18:18 - Kitfox remasters of Dwarf Fortress and Caves of Qud
  • 21:00 - Ascii art aesthetics, SanctuaryRPG, WORD GAME
  • 26:39 - Randomness vs proc gen
  • 34:24 - Gamedev feature strategy
  • 37:48 - Steam reviews and marketing strategy
  • 49:13 - ChatGPT
  • 55:40 - Gamedev persistence and community engagement
  • 58:30 - Favorite games and gamedev pen pals
  • 1:05:43 - Emails: How long to evaluate a roguelike game?
  • 1:18:31 - Emails: Mystery Dungeon games

Next episode: Season 2 starts with Rogue Tower!

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Intro music: Huw Warren - Porto Alegre

Outro music: Warsim 8bit main theme