Happy TOMEntines day! This week we choo-choo choose to revisit the traditional roguelike-sphere with an oldie but a biggie. Tales of Maj’Eyal holds a special place in the hearts of old guards of tradrogues, continuing a legacy from an Angband spinoff in 1998. There’s a lot of love stemming from a vibrant community around TOME, if you can look past the ugly duckling presentation. It’s time to use our Chronomancy to turn back the clock, fight back the Spellblaze Scar, and try to charm the master of Dredfell Tower to watch some sappy romcoms with us.

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  • 1:57 - game stats
  • 4:31 - one sentence description
  • 18:58 - our story begins
  • 1:18:21 - rankings and final thoughts
  • 1:26:38 - similar games

Next episode: Against the Storm

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Intro music: Thomas Marriott - The Tale of Debauchery

Outro music: Celestial Aeon Project - Virtue Lost