This week we’re drawing a straight with the recent smash hit poker-puzzle deckbuilder Balatro! Join our four-of-a-kind hosts to talk about who will have the last laugh between random card draws and overtly complicated computer simulations. But no adventure is complete without joker hats and joker feet! Many jokes and many quips have passed behind our funny lips. By poking fun and making merry, our podcasts won’t be half as scary. So don’t be timid, don’t be nervous - Joker’s here, at your service! Aheuhheuuehehhah!

Find a link to Will’s optimal hand play simulator here.

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  • 1:18 - game stats
  • 3:25 - one sentence description
  • 13:20 - our story begins
  • 1:17:15 - rankings and final thoughts

Next episode: Into the Breach

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Intro music: Lee Morgan - The Joker

Outro music: LouisF - Balatro OST