Helios has been abandoned! This week we’re playing the multiple BAFTA Award-winning Triple-A roguelite shooter Returnal. We continue bullet hell/heck month with swarms of huge colorful orbs, energy swords, and as many tentacled Matrix-inspired laser squids as you can shake your noodly appendages at! Join us in our foray into the first actual big-budget rogue-game of the pod with a game that had been locked behind Playstation 5 exclusivity like a gigantic interlocking metal door. We were able to just barely eek through the podcaster-sized hole in the bottom, but can we beat the boss that is…uh…well the first boss even??? Aim assist to maximum!

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  • 2:10 - game stats
  • 4:53 - one sentence description
  • 5:30 - all devs go to heaven warning (sort of)
  • 16:22 - our story begins
  • 55:00 - story spoilers discussion
  • 1:04:05 - rankings and final thoughts
  • 1:14:30 - similar games

Next episode: Barony

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Intro music: McCoy Tyner - Search For Peace

Outro music: Bobby Krlic - Hyperion