Chip chap chipchipchap! For our listener-requested episode this week, we are dungeon diving through Barony: the voxelized roguelike with split-screen co-op! Listen to our encounters with horrible gnomes, armies of human villagers, and Pac-Man ghost scouts. There’s a lot to unpack from a game with just one axis of movement, be it spellcrafting, hunger management, commanding your army of the Zap Brigade against the minotaur, and navigating halls of rolling boulders. Lucky for you there’s a robust tutorial system…if you survive! Drop in and listen or we’ll drop you into The Underworld!

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  • 1:09 - game stats
  • 3:00 - one sentence description
  • 6:50 - our story begins
  • 1:07:48 - rankings and final thoughts
  • 1:15:18 - similar games
  • 1:16:36 - listener email from the Wildermyth developers!

Next episode: Lonestar

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Intro music: Billy Cobham - Red Baron

Outro music: Barony - Merchant’s Theme