Have you ever thought to yourself ‘Is it possible to import my friends into this game and harvest their skin for the leather of my chairs?’ Then you’ve tuned to the right episode! In an accidentally relevant-to-spooky-season selection, we turn to Rimworld! But wait, that’s not a roguelike, you’ll inevitably shout at your podcast feed. We decided to pull some editorial leeway this time with the defense of ‘well if Dwarf Fortress did it…’ Join our starving colonists as they try to figure out how to grow potatoes and fight off insectoid invasions and mind pulse machines as they dig too deep and unleash the terrors of internet connectivity issues.

Thanks again for the gracious hosts of this year’s Roguelike Celebration, in which Scott was able to present his talk ‘The Data Science of Roguelikes’. You can find it on youtube here!

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  • 1:47 - Welcome new listeners from the 2023 Roguelike Celebration!
  • 3:20 - Game stats
  • 5:09 - One sentence description
  • 13:07 - Our story begins
  • 1:05:30 - Rankings and final thoughts
  • 1:18:27 - Similar games

Next episode: AK-xolotl

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Intro music: Kenny Burrell - Out of This World

Outro music: Alistair Lindsay - Alpaca