Who’s a good baby amphibian? Is it you? Is it you? It is AK-Xolotl: the AK-47 wielding, you guessed it, axolotl baby raising simulator! Are reptiles different than amphibians? Is it worth sacrificing your children for permenant meta-progression unlocks? These are the kinds of questions all new parents need to answer at some point in their quest to take down Cthulhu-like monstrosities and heavy metal kittens. What other podcast will go into depth on axolotl biology while also talking about the intracacies of the Sten 9×19mm? Who’s a good submachine gun? Is it you? Is it you?

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  • 1:14 - Game stats
  • 3:04 - One sentence description
  • 9:57 - Our story begins
  • 55:28 - Rankings and final thoughts
  • 1:01:30 - Similar games

Next episode: Dead Cells

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Intro music: Charles Mingus - II B.S.*

Outro music: AK-xolotl - Hell’O Kitty